Sunday, May 24, 2015

Jim DiEugenio was very good this week talking about John McAdams

McAdams is trying to portray himself as a victim of political correctness and of censorship. This is pure BS.

You should listen to show #732. Len Osanic has the wrong date for it. He marked it as May 14th. So, he's really got two shows with that date. Show #732 is what you want to listen to. It's good stuff.

John McAdams continues to attack Marquette University on his blog

Jim DiEugenio noted on the latest Black Op Radio show that McAdams is now attacking the idea that there should be any such thing as safety on campus.  This is his new tactic to defend himself against the threats he inspired his followers on campus to make against Ms. Cheryl Abbate, a graduate student teaching a philosophy class.

Ms. Abbate, as the right-winger McAdams would have you believe, forbade a student from criticizing same sex marriage in her class. That's not what happened at all.  In response to this one student, who was failing the class and just happened to have McAdams as a faculty advisor, McAdams attacked her on his blog.  Ms. Abate was then the subject of harassment and threats of violence upon her to the point where she had to be escorted by campus security while teaching there to ensure no harm came to her. Because of McAdams bullying followers she had to flee Marquette. This resulted in McAdams being fired from Marquette and opened the door to Ms. Abate possibly suing Maquette for millions of dollars, and to probably suing McAdams for every penny he's got.

Here's what really happened.

McAdams thinks the entire affair was about censorship, about an "attack" on Right-wing ideas. He has fled to Right-wing radio trying to drum up support, especially financial, if Abate files a suit against him.

So, idiot that he is, he tries the lame Right-wing tactic of reframing the issue away, away from his behavior and towards Marquette.  This is just a screen grab below. His blog is here.

There's more. In a post titled "College Authoritarians feeling 'Unsafe'," he claims that Leftists are halting free speech on campus. 

In another blog post entitled "Student Rejects Marquette Because of Politically Incorrect Intolerance," he rants how a student, sympathetic to McAdams, decided not to attend Marquette, now get this, because of what happened to McAdams. 

There is some author, Kirsten Powers, who McAdams cals a liberal, who wrote a book "The Silencing," which echoes McAdams bullshit that Right-wing ideas are being unfairly censored on college campuses. And she uses what happened to McAdams to make her point. 

Kirsten Powers is a whacko. She's a FOX news contributor, an evangelical Christian and on a trip in Taiwan thought she was visited by Jesus. Her book is titled "The Silencing: How The Left is Killing Free Speech." Its published by Regency, the notorious RIGHT-WING publisher.

If she's a liberal then I'm Nixon. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

New Executive Order from Obama forbids anymore military equipment going to cops

About friggin' time!

He should go further and confiscate what was given to them already.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Secret Hold placed on FOIA bill

Sounds like a headline The Onion would write, but it's tragically real.

Monday, May 11, 2015


From Secrecy News


After years of preparation, the executive branch is poised to adopt a government-wide system for designating and safeguarding unclassified information that is to be withheld from public disclosure.

The new system of 
"controlled unclassified information" (CUI) will replace the dozens of improvised control markings used by various agencies that have created confusion and impeded information sharing inside and outside of government. A proposed rule on CUI was published for public comment on May 8 in the Federal Register.

While CUI is by definition unclassified, it is nevertheless understood to require protection against public disclosure on the basis of statute, regulation, or agency policy. In many or most cases, 
the categories of information that qualify as CUI are non-controversial, and include sensitive information related to law enforcement, nuclear security, grand jury proceedings, and so on.

Until lately, "more than 100 different markings for such information existed across the executive branch. This ad hoc, agency-specific approach created inefficiency and confusion, led to a patchwork system that failed to adequately safeguard information requiring protection, and unnecessarily restricted information sharing," 
the proposed rule said.

One of the striking features of the new CUI program is that it limits the prevailing autonomy of individual agencies and obliges them to conform to a consistent government-wide standard.

"CUI categories and subcategories are the exclusive means of designating CUI throughout the executive branch," the proposed rule states. "Agencies may not control any unclassified information outside of the CUI Program."

Nor do agencies get to decide on their own what qualifies as CUI. That status must be approved by the CUI Executive Agent (who is the director of the 
Information Security Oversight Office) based on an existing statutory or regulatory requirement, or on a legitimate agency policy. And it must be published in the online CUI Registry. There are to be no "secret" CUI categories.

Importantly, the CUI Program offers a way of validating agency information control practices pertaining to unclassified information. (A comparable procedure for externally validating agency classification practices does not exist.) But CUI status itself is not intended to become an additional barrier to disclosure.

"The mere fact that information is designated as CUI has no bearing on determinations pursuant to any law requiring the disclosure of information or permitting disclosure as a matter of discretion," 
the new proposed rule said. The possibility that CUI information could or should be publicly disclosed on an authorized basis is not precluded.

More specifically, a CUI marking in itself does not constitute an exemption to the Freedom of Information Act, the rule said. However, a statutory restriction that justifies designating information as CUI would also likely make it exempt from release under FOIA.

One complication arises from the fact that simply removing CUI controls does not equate to or imply public release.

"Decontrolling CUI relieves authorized holders from requirements to handle the information under the CUI Program, but does not constitute authorization for public release," the rule said. Instead, disclosure is only permitted "in accordance with existing agency policies on the public release of information."

The upshot is that while there can be "controlled unclassified information" that is publicly releasable, there can also be non-CUI (or former CUI) information that is notreleasable. The latter category might include unclassified deliberative materials, for example, that are not controlled as CUI but are still exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

More subtly, noted 
John P. Fitzpatrick, the director of the Information Security Oversight Office, there is a large mass of material that is neither CUI nor non-CUI-- until someone looks at it and makes an assessment. In all such cases (other than voluntary disclosure by an agency), public access would be governed by the provisions and exemptions of the FOIA.

The genealogy of the CUI Program dates back at least to 
a December 16, 2005 memorandum in which President George W. Bush directed that procedures for handling what was called "sensitive but unclassified" information "must be standardized across the Federal Government."

At that time, the impetus for standardization (which never came to fruition) was based on the need for improved sharing of homeland security and terrorism-related information. The initiative was broadened and developed in the 2010 Obama 
executive order 13556, which eventually led to the current proposed rule. Public comments are due by July 7.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dallas still going after Robert Groden. Yes, they've given him another ticket, this makes it #82.


Wow, first McAdams now Fetzer.

More soon.

There's this really stupid RIGHT-WING NUT show on called "The Jeffrey Sisk" show or "American Liberty STUPIDITY Live."

Ustream forces a commercial on you about every 5 minutes and can even override your computer's mute button to make damn sure you hear them. Shouldn't Ustream be a prescription produte for people with prostrate problems?

How stupid? In the first segment, which is after about 20 minutes of opening credits and stolen songs, this goober can't tell time, and then praises his friend who translated the Bible, going back to the original texts, and with "about a 4,000 word vocabulary" translated The Bible into this new stupid guy version. So that, you know, someone with the reading skills of a 4th grader could read it.


Jesus Saves! Yes, but Moses Invests.

Once Fetzer comes on it is COMEDY GOLD! Of course he gives himself a commercial plug for his own books. Even Sisk tries to bring him around to being on topic.

Gordon Duff for President! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

How did Gaddafi become this darling of the extreme Right-wing crowd? Someone Reagan bombed!

How Fetzer mispronounces benevolent, as in dictator, and hydrogen, as in bomb is hysterical.

Nothing Fetzer says is contradicted by this idiot Sisk.

Veterans Today apparently wanted to increase its standards about this "Jade Helm 15" thing which is supposedly some ooga-booga armed forces training exercise where people think the U.S. is going to "invade" Texas.  Bill Maher took this shit apart on Friday.

Bill Maher ridicules Texans reaction Jade Helm... by ewillies

Jon Stewart mocked it too, it's really about 5 minutes into this. he talks about that draw Mohammed cartoon crap conference shooting first.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Baltimore, I hope you are only the beginning.

Chicago agrees to pay $5.5m to victims of police torture in 1970s and 80s.

From 1972 through 1991 Burge and Officers under his Command
tortured more than 100 African Americans. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Isn't it great...

how NARA's JFK assassination records online database has been offline all weekend long, and still is?