Friday, February 13, 2015

The Marquette University letter to McAdams explaining why he's being fired. You need to read this. This was NOT about "Academic Freedom."

He's nothing but a god damn bully.  And he's a liar.

Good stuff.

This schmuck will not go quietly and he threatens to sue Marquette University.  He's already has some Uber Right-wing foundation offering him free legal service in his quest to defend himself.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Secret Service agents were exhausted from lack of food, lack of sleep and then showed up on Nov 22, 1963 still drunk from partying the night before

I think this was a part of the assassination plan, to get the SS guys exhausted on the day before.  They had little if any food or drink the whole day on November 21, 1963.  They went looking for food that night when they finally got to Ft. Worth. They heard about this place "The Cellar." They went there.
They drank Everclear.  This brand name is never mentioned in the story of the drinking at The Cellar.
It's damn near 100% alcohol.

They partied until 5 or 6 a.m. when they had to be on duty at 7:00 a.m.

The Dallas Morning News revisits this.


My friends we will soon see the destruction of the J.Edgar Hoover building

The New York Times reports that the FBI wants a new building.  This has entered the bidding phase.
The deal is they build the FBI a new building elsewhere and in exchange they get to tear down the existing J. Edgar Hoover FBI building and then they can redevelop that site as they wish.

But, what this means it they're going to demolish the J. Edgar Hoover building!!!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if they have a viewing area for people to celebrate the demise of this building? I don't think they'll do an implosion and get it done in a day.  But, some ceremony is called for here.  Something unofficial.  Someone could set up a small camp across the street, and maybe sell hot dogs and soda. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Marquette University fires McAdams

It comes far too late to restore any sense of honor to Marquette University or to give any sense of justice to McAdams' victim Cheryl Abbate who had to flee Marquette University out of fear his minions might physically attack her, Marquette has finally fired McAdams.

They're being very quiet about it, citing propers procedures but stick a fork in him, he's done.

Abate should sue, not just McAdams but Marquette University for this total atrocity.

This should not end merely with his firing.

He will beg for help, reframing his bullying as though he's a victim, like bullys always do.  He'll pretend he's being crucified for his conservative values.  Marquette needs to state publicly exactly why McAdams is being fired, and should publicly apologize to Cheryl Abbate for doing so little, so late.

Marquette University needs to continue to clean house.  All current students who wrote threats directed to Cherryl Abbate should be expelled.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

David Slawson now thinks JFK was victim of a massive plot, kind of, sort of, LHO still sole assassin, "conspiracy" came from Mexico City, except it didn't, involving Cubans and Mexican nationals

See -

David Slawson is too cute by half.  He wants to use the word "CONSPIRACY" to sell the paperback version of his book to tell you, yes, it was Lee Harvey Oswald, and only Lee Harvey Oswald who was the sole, lone gunman, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blab, blah, blah, ...........

And the damn fool, Phillip Shenon, writing for POLITICO sensationalizes the hell out of NOTHING TO SEE HERE, except we must help David Slawson sell his BS book.

Shenon probably spent his entire life hating his father, who, when Shenon was one once said, "I got your nose."

Slawson is hyping his take on Oswald in Mexico City.  That Cuban diplomats and Mexican civilians encouraged Oswald to kill Kennedy.

More BS decades old smoke and mirror nonsense sold as "news" to the uneducated.

Gee, Slawson doesn't seem to tell POLITICO that there's a tape of Oswald in Mexico City that he, Slawson, listened to, and when asked by the ARRB to answer some questions about what he heard on that tape basically told them to go F off.  I'll bet that's not in Lawson's paperback book.

And Slawson, calls RFK "A Bastard." He claims RFK withheld information.

Right.  RFK withheld those CIA files that were released nearly 30 years after RFK was assassinated.

You'll note Shenon has no idea what a RIF number is.

These two should be in jail for spewing this garbage.

Shenon is still interested in what happened to his nose.

Lawson is investigating reports of land sharks in Seattle.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Is this REALLY something Texas wants to do?

On CNN - Texas sets aside Chris Kyle day in honor of American sniper.





This is beyond ridiculous that this kid is being used in death in a partisan bullshit campaign to deny the reality that America really LOST both wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But no one wants to admit that.  We're going to pretend we won! Because that's more fun.

The Taliban still exist, Al Qaeda still exists, this new name for old thugs, ISIS, are beheading people, again, and again, and again, but ignore all of that. Ignore the ISIS taunts trying to lure American troops back into Iraq. Ignore that.  And there are idiots all over the internet telling you the beheadings are all fake. They're "false flag," and blah, blah, blah, bullshit.  So, that will help you forget about the victims. It'll help you ignore it all.

And it helps us forget November 22, 1963.  And we can feel good about Dallas too. Unbelievable.

CNN – Texas is setting aside Monday to honor Chris Kyle, the U.S. Navy SEAL marksman depicted in the film, “American Sniper.”

Kyle became a legend in military circles due to his 160 confirmed kills, and developed a deadly reputation in Iraq, where he served several times.  He’s considered one of the most lethal snipers in U.S. history.

“I have declared February 2, to be Chris Kyle Day in Texas,” Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted. “We honor our military heroes.”

During his speech at a Texas veterans event Friday, the governor described him as “a man who defended his brothers and sisters in arms on and off the battlefield.”

Thousands mourned him in his home state, lining a 200-miles funeral procession to his final resting place in Austin and attending a memorial service at Texas Stadium in Dallas.

His popularity did not end there.

Clint Eastwood’s film raked in $107 million over its first weekend on wide release this month – an unprecedented haul for an R-rated drama in the middle of winter.

The movie was distributed by Warner Bros., which is owned by Time Warner, the parent company of CNN.

And as the movie draws huge crowds to theatre nationwide, Texas is paying tribute to its son.

The west Texas native attended Tarleton State University in Stephenville after graduating from high school in 1992.

He left college after two years to work as a ranch hand and later joined the Navy in 1999.

Actor Bradley Cooper portrayed Kyle in the movie, a depictions the wife of the late sniper described as uncanny.

“Bradley did an amazing job and I truly don’t believe there’s anybody who could have done it better,” Taya Kyle told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Things are not as they appear, and not always as we claim

I have to correct something a colleague in JFK research is claiming.  I hope she'll take this well.

Pam Brown in her blog is claiming that when she got a copy of what she's calling "The Fergusson Memo," which is on Ford Motor Company stationary from F. V. Fergusson it was dated December 18963.  And when Anthony Marsh got his copy of the same document it did not have a date on it.

Well, not so much. Pam does have the memo on her site here.  Unfortunately, the way she scanned and uploaded it you can't click on it and large it.  That may be a feature that has and that the increasingly popular site doesn't offer.  Or maybe it does it differently. In any case Pam has the full and complete document which she is calling MB2B Exhibit 6. OH, I got it, well, sort of.  Anyway, you can see it on her site.

Okay, so then she shows the copy Marsh got.  And as I suspected, the document was stapled or adhered to, in a bad way, with other documents.  It was not freed from them when someone copied it.  You can ask them to remove staples from documents. You have to ask them, and they will do it with a small metal spatula.  They look like this:

They may grumble a bit and not want to do this but if you're polite and stand your ground they should do this for you. If you're at Archives II onsite and can see that you need a staple removed or you need to separate a document from how it's adhered to other documents.  Each situation is different and each individual person you ask may comply but you never really know. They should do this for you, easily.

This is the Marsh copy. 
The date is there but because it was adhered to other documents this information got distorted because someone didn't separate it out.  So, the top of the document has a curve to it which distorted the information.  

So, I have to disagree with her main argument that NARA deliberately deleted or cut off the date of the Fergusson memo they gave to Anthony Marsh.  

I also have to disagree with her assessment of NARA staff and how documents are processed once given to NARA.  The Jim Garrison material was large and I think it's fair to say highly disorganized.  In addition there was a bit of a struggle getting the grand jury records which then DA Harry Connick Sr., the father of the singer, said he ordered their destruction when he came in as DA.  However, an employee took them under the guise of obeying that order but kept them, thank god, and did not destroy them, thinking they were historical and unique. The ARRB found out about this and I think there was a lawsuit, and in the end the ARRB got the material and it went over to NARA.  I wrote about this in detail at the time, and I showed a local news show at a COPA conference that showed that a reporter knew that Garrison's grand jury records relating to his investigation of the JFK assassination and of Clay Shaw still exist. Connick had egg on his face and he didn't get it. He wasn't comprehending that what he told the ARRB when they came to New Orleans was a lie.

Now when NARA gets stuff you usually could not go to Archives II and see it right away.  It had to be "processed," and that usually means showing the material to interested parties in our national security state. So, agency ABC doesn't like something then they work it out with the ARRB and maybe something was postponed in part or in full.

Now in the very, very early days when they were still building Archives II and I mean like carpeting wasn't laid down yet, the electrics were not quite done yet, there were empty and brand new shelves, somewhere around 1993, or 1994, you could see some stuff before they got it properly processed because stuff was coming in fast, and they didn't have the staff to properly deal with it.  So, my friend Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko found a lot of things because what they would call artifacts were right there in with the paper reports. "Archivists" like to separate stuff like that out, much to the annoyance of all JFK researchers who would have wanted to see the stuff in the original condition it was given to Archives II.  I was told about one specific example where the Secret Service copy of the Zapruder film was right there in with the papers of the SS.  That copy was made prior to the "accident' with the original which resulted in the splice mark when the limo goes behind the Stemmons Freeway sign.  There was a bit of a kerfuffle as Anna wanted a copy of that.

You see, their procedures weren't in place yet. They like to outsource to a vendor to make copies of film, videotape, DVDs, etc.

So, to document her find she photocopied the round can the film was in and everything she could to prove she saw a Zapruder film can in with the Secret Service stuff she was looking at that day.

I can also state that one nice summer I went to Archives II with the late, great Ed Sherry, I can't believe you're gone man, and Malcolm Blunt and Lise Kirkham.  And I was being properly anal in getting documents as they were listed by the ARRB in the Federal Register for what I would call one of my ARRB Batch reviews and we came across some Garrison material in amongst FBI material.  This was in one of the first 13 batches I did, it was an ARRB notice where they just put "In addition we released..." and there was a long list of FBI RIFs.  And the thing we found that we all laughed at was an actual legal size folder from Garrison's office that said on the outside of it "Current Shit."

So, I think it's more a case of early chaos and a bad job of photocopying rather than a deliberate conspiracy to mess about with JFK researchers.  

Robert Oswald awarded custody of Lee's casket and the amount paid at auction, $87,000 plus.

WFAA-TV coverage is here.

Tarrant County judge rules that Lee Harvey Oswald’s casket belongs to
his brother Robert

A Tarrant County judge has ruled that the rotting casket of Lee Harvey
Oswald belongs to his brother Robert.

Judge Donald Cosby issued that conclusion this morning, almost two
months after the 80-year-old Robert appeared in a Fort Worth courtroom
in an attempt to keep the casket out of a stranger’s hands. Writes
Cosby, he bought his brother’s pine box for $300 on November 24, 1963,
and it remains to this day “the personal property of Robert.” That means
the person who bought it at auction in 2010 can’t have it.
What remains of Lee Harvey Oswald's casket, which will be returned to Robert

In December 2010, a Los Angeles auction house sold the casket to an
unidentified buyer for $87,468. Weeks later, Robert filed a suit in
Tarrant County to stop the transaction, which he blasted as “highly
objectionable to a reasonable person.” Oswald sued Nate D. Sanders,
Inc., and Baumgardner Funeral Home over the sale of the casket, as well
as other grim items tied to his brother’s death.

The casket’s journey from six feet under to a Tarrant County courthouse
is a long one involving the sale of a funeral home, Lee Harvey Oswald’s
exhumation in 1981 (following allegations he wasn’t really buried in
that box) and his transfer to a new casket when he was put back in the
ground at Rose Hill Cemetery. In his lengthy finding, Cosby details its
tortured history. But long story short, he writes: When Baumgardner
Funeral Home kept the 1963 casket following Lee Harvey’s re-burial in
1981, it should have told Robert or Lee’s widow Marina of its
whereabouts. At trial, the funeral home’s attorney argued that it was “a
gift” from Robert to Lee since “Robert would never see the casket again,
and it would remain in the ground forever and ever.”

Instead, it kept the box, and in 2010 partnered with Nate D. Sanders,
Inc., to auction off the casket and other “funeral items.” As far as the
Los Angeles auction house was concerned, Baumgardner had every right to
the casket. Wrong, says the judge, who has awarded Robert the $87,468 in
damages as well as the casket. Baumgardner Funeral Home will have to pay
for its return.

Says the judge, the funeral home “wrongfully exercised dominion and

control over the 1963 casket.”

Click here:

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Announcing the first ever Australian JFK assassination conference

I looked at airlines for flight info and depending on which airlines and how many stops it may have you will arrive anywhere from 2 to 3 days after departure.  (If you're like me leaving from JFK or Boston on the east coast of America.)

Pause for a moment and think on that.

The reason for this is the length of the flight, Australia is a long way away from JFK international airport, and I believe you'll be crossing the international dateline too.  What this means for you is at least 24 hours if not longer in a plane and maybe another 24 hours or more schlepping around in airports.  And I'm not including customs and security screenings.  And you're going to go through all of that again on the way back.  So, if you're going to go to this, and I would like to be asked, (hint, hint) because I've never been to Australia, I'm advising you to plan to go for an entire week, if not two, because it takes 2 to 3 days to go and 2 to 3 days coming back.  This will be less if you live, say for example, on the west coast of America, I'm assuming.

So, wear extremely comfortable clothes. Might be a good idea to bring a spare set of clothes in your carry on.

But, I would love to go.  Airlines and airports are always annoying, but once you're there, it would be fantastic.

Because Justice Is Never Too Late
14 January, 2015.

Reopen Kennedy Case (ROKC) is proud to announce the first JFK conference to be held at the Mercure, Melbourne this November.

The JFK assassination could be considered a strictly American affair if not for the Super Power status it holds. When the US sneezes, the rest of the world may well, as the saying goes, catch cold. But when a US president is assassinated, the rest of the world catches on. Catches on that something is very, very wrong. Fifty-one years is too long waiting for justice in one of the biggest crimes of the last century.

The internet has helped make the case a global phenomenon. There are pockets of interest in Canada, across Europe and here in the Antipodes. That interest translates into research, writing and lobbying efforts. In the UK, it has also translated into copying the annual conferences held by our brothers and sisters in the US - those diehards who continue railing against the tide.

ROKC ( has announced experts well versed in assassination evidence from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and homegrown in Australia who will speak to attendees of the two day conference. Speakers include the world’s leading expert on the Secret Service, Vincent Palamara, and Australia’s own author of the book ‘Lee Harvey Oswald’s Cold War’, Greg Parker, as well as Gayle Nix Jackson, the author of the book ” Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film”. Jim DiEugenio, all round assassination expert and renowned author and Sherry Fiester who wrote the highly praised ” Enemy Of The Truth”. With more speakers to be confirmed.

We are proud to announce an exhibition of related materials kindly supplied by Peter Morris including Jack Ruby’s jacket, and a picket from the original wooden fence on the knoll. The conference will be held over two days on the 21st and 22nd of November at the Spring Street Mercure conference rooms in Melbourne. Tickets can be bought for the 21st, 22nd or both days.

The running theme of the conference is ‘Because Justice Is never Too Late’ and throughout there will be guides on actions that can still be taken and work being done that needs support to get this case reopened. As J. Edgar Hoover said ” I can assure you that as far as the FBI is concerned, the case will be continued in an open classification for all time.”
Now we need to keep them to their word.

The Conference is suitable for anyone with an interest in this case, any of the hidden history of the Cold War or the political assassinations of the ‘60’s. Afternoon teas, lunch and a discount on rooms at the Mercure for attendees.

Tickets can be bought at but seating is limited so get in quick. 

You can also find Reopen Kennedy Case on facebook:


Will McAdams be fired? The waiting game continues

The Wisconsin Gazzette has a new article.

And the victim of this Cheryl Abbate has a blog where she discusses this.